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Select RFI/TQ to Edit, Distribute or complete.

Similar to the mail list, the filter options are different. In particular Open and Closed: Open selects only incoming RFI's to which an answer has NOT been sent to the enquirer.

Generating one's own RFI or recording the receipt of an incoming one is identical to the process carried out for mail except that the document type is specific. Thus an RFI can be recorded or generated in the mail screen.
Forward RFI for answers
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Forward RFI/TQ to Recipients for response.

The process for distributing the RFI/TQ is the same as for other General Documents, and if despatched electronically includes an HTML Form allowing the recipient to make an answer.

Additional information including details of the distribution and keywords is instantly accessible.

The RFI form may be laid out to your own design in the Report Layout Editor.
Record Answers Received
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Record Answers and Response, and make Response

There are two parts to completing the RFI/TQ process as follows:
  • Record the answers received from people to whom the RFI/TQ was distributed, including any attachments.
  • For incoming RFI/TQ's, generate a coordinated reply to send to the person from whom it was recived.
Answers received may optionally be included with the coordinated response.
View of Response
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Despatch Response.

The response with an attachment if required, and any answers which are to be included, is despatched.
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