View Contacts
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View or Filter Contacts.

For recording (often important) contemporaneous notes and contacts. A follow up date and action can be added where needed.

The browse screen has an extensive filtering capability, and allows reports of the filtered information to be printed The filtering capability includes:
  • the current job,
  • all records, or just the latest information,
  • records with overdue actions,
  • those records generated by the User, or those not,
  • within the last seven, fifteen, thirty, and one hundred & twenty days, or over upto a year,
  • those with similarly referenced names (i.e. with the same first four characters).
  • the current subject.

In addition a report of the records meeting the selected filter can be generated.

Edit or record contact
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Edit or record contact.

A record of an existing contact may be viewed or edited, and further contacts added.

A reminder of when and how the next contact (viz the follow up action) should be made
can also be set up.
Record Email as a Contact
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Record an email as a contact.

The "Send eMail" item on the Contacts Menu can also save the content of the email as a Contact, also noting any attachments which were sent.

Using the "Email" button when generating any report uses this screen to send the email allowing recipients to be specified, additional reports or other documents to be attached, and the default message to be altered.
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