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Create or Edit a Process to Monitor

A Process Flow is a collection of items which form the flow. Items may be included in more than one flow, allowing different perspectives of the same information to be provided for differing purposes.

Process Flows relate to a Job, and may be based on either the Names Register viz Organisations or the Groups Register. Both these registers have a "Type" associated with them. For Groups these might be Work Packages, Areas, Zones, Levels, Systems, etc. The flow may be restricted to just one of these.

The information to be displayed may be further reduced by applying a filter to a particular column [viz item] which must be defined first.

Lastly, it may be necessary to present the informationin in a report form which is different to that seen on screen. It can be extended, or reduced, and additional calculations performed. Hence a Report Layout may be specified instead of using the default.
Create Flow Item
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Create or Edit a Flow Item .

A Process Flow item is represnted on screen as a column of information which is to be obtained from either the Contacts or Mail Registers, or the information from the Register on which the flow is based.

When a document is to be examined, then the Subject to which it relates, and other properties must be specified. There are three types of information which can be extracted, namely:
  • The existence of the document
  • Some information contained within it
  • Some information about the document

Once a column is defined, it may be that it should be "triggered" by the result of an earlier column. There may be more than one relevant document. Either the first of the last may be selected.

The selection of the information contained within the document requires that it be in the form: "Keyword Value". Thus the keyword must be specified as well as its type: a Date, or a Monetary value, and whether it is optional or mandatory. In order to make this easy, Keywords are automatically imported into the document when it is created.

The last item is whether the column is to be included within the report. One column may optionally be used to set the order in which the information is displayed. Normally it is displayed in the order of the Register on which it is based.

View & Filter Process Flow
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View the Process Flow

To view a flow, The Job No, Process Flow Reference, and optionally the Type are specified. If the Type has been defined within the Flow, then this is set with the Flow.

The information may be filtered and filtered again as many times as is required to narrow down the information required.

And then be printed for distribution.
Carry out an Operation
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Create or Amend a Document

Simply double clicking on to a cell on the browse will bring up the appropriate screen whether it be a record of a contact, or a document that requires some action.

The necessary actions can be executed forthwith.
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