Setup Inspection
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Setup Inspection.

A requirement for inspection consists of defining on a Job for an Item (viz a group which is NOT a work package), the Work Packages (viz groups defined as such) which Inspections Tasks are required.
Record Inspection Results
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Record Inspection.

Having selected the Item to be inspected, and the Work Package for which an Inspection Task has been carried out, the report may be entered specifying:
  • The Inspector
  • The Date of Inspection
  • The report
  • Whether Re-Inspection is required

The results of any previous inspections can be viewed.

Manage Inspection

Enter Date Cleared
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Manage Inspections.

The results of an inspection need to be communicated to both an Inspector (for inspection) and the Work Package Contractor (for rectification if reinspection is needed).

In addition, after a Work Package Contractor has carried out any rectification, then this needs to be recorded to enable reinspection to be carried out. The date that an Inpection Report was issued to the Work Package Contractor, and the date the Work Package Contractor advised clearance of the defect.

The date that the Inspection Report was sent to a Works Contractor are recorded when the report is generated and sent.
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