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Setup Dates to Record

For each Work Package group, user definable Key Events (or tasks) can be allocated against which the following can be monitored and recorded:
  • Original Planned Date
  • Current Planned Date
  • Actual Date
Event Information

Amend Event History
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Record Key Event Dates

The Key Event Register holds not only planning information information about each Key Event for a Work Packagebut also the history of any changes to these dates. This is particularly important when rescheduling takes place.

Planning packages do not keep the history as when "rescheduling" takes place, the BaseLine must be rewgenerated. Target (or expected completion) dates change, and the history of why the change was necessary, often critical to claiming for contract variations etc, cannot be recorded.

With each date recorded, the reason why any changes was made can be recorded, together with a link to any supporting general document (such as an Instruction to Accelerate).
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