Select Meeting
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Select Meeting

The meeting to be managed viz rolling it over for the next meeting, or distributing the agenda or minutes, and issuing action sheets.

New meetings can be set up.
Define Meeting Details
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Define Meeting Details

The basic information needed to identify a meeting to its attendees, including where and when (date and time) the meeting is to take place, its reference, and title.

The sequence number is for meetings which are held at regular intervals.
Define Meeting Attendees and Recipients of Minutes
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Select Attendees and Recipients of Minutes

The list of attendees, and people who are on the distribution list only.
Set Meeting Agenda
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Set up the Agenda

The Agenda consists of headings chosen from a list. The available lists include
  • People/Organisations,
  • Subjects,
  • Work Packages,
  • Predefined Items.
The Predefined Items include Apologies for Absence, Previous Minutes, Any Other Business, and Date of Next Meeting.

When an item is added, its description is set to the title of the list item which was added. The description my be edited. Not only are duplicate items allowed, but the agenda may be sorted by dragging the items into the desired order.
Record Minutes and Actions
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Record the Minutes and Actions Due

For eaxh item, the minute is recorded, and any further actions.

If the item has been rolled over from a previous meeting, then the Actions Due and Actions Taken from the previous meeting are shown.
Distribute Minutes and Agenda etc
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Distribute Agenda and Minutes, Action Sheets & Report

The agenda and minutes may be distributed by paper or by email.
Record Actions taken
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Record Actions Taken

Once the minutes of a meeting have been recorded, and the next meeting scheduled, the actions from the previous meeting can be cleared. The result will be reported at the next meeting, and minuted thereat, and the item may then be cleared.
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