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Keyword Management

The keyword management mechanism is a powerful tool for enabling the selection of documents.

Four operations can be carried out:
  • Define and Add a keyword
  • Delete a keyword (and its associated links)
  • Create keywords for occurring words within document contents and or title, etc based on three criteria - word type, length, and soundalike
  • Create links based for the selected keyword on
    • its occurrence within the document contents and or title, etc
    • the occurrence of one, two or three words within the document contents and or title, etc
The latter method is particularly useful because it overcomes problems with spelling, and abbreviation of words. Once the possible links have been located, the required ones may be selected and saved.
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Keyword Allocation

Keywords may be allocated when editing or viewing a document or record.

Also the list of words over 5 characters long included in the content or title etc of the document may be viewed and selectively added to the dictionary at the same time.
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Keyword Search

The Keyword Search is a powerful mechanism for locating just a few documents which meet complex criteria. The search mechanism is built up by selecting Keywords and "AND", "OR", or "AND_NOT" actions which operate on the subsequent words. The definition can be adjusted and reused.

Because the search is being conducted on verified words and validated links, the results are much more relaible than the classic EDM "Document Word Search".

Keyword Results

Once a search has been executed the results are displayed, and may be exported to a text file for use in preparing, for example, a contract claim.

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