Register incoming transmittal
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Register the incoming transmittal note.

This includes your Job No, who is sending you documents, their transmittal reference, and the date that you received it. If the sender's reference is missing, TDOC will make one up for you. The date defaults to "today".

Options allow automatic allocation of Status, and when similar documents are entered, a similar allocation of groups automatically.
Register each document
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Register each document.

The originator and originator's document reference must be entered (or chosen off the existing list for a revision). If the document is new, then its title, project number (optional), type and size must be entered. The word "New" is displayed. If it has been received before, then its details will be filled in, and data entry moves to the revision.

The revision must be entered, but (blank) is allowed. If the revision has been received before the word "Duplicate" will be shown , otherwise the word "New" will be shown. The description of the revision, the date that it was made, and why the document was received, etc must be entered. Each item receives a unique TDOC System reference.

If there is an image of the document available, it may be attached or dropped before saving. Once saved, the document may be given a Status and allocated to Groups
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Attach electronic documents.

Although attachments can be made whislt registering, document controllers prefer to complete the registrtaion, and then make the attachments by locating or dropping onto this tab. Thus the screen is designed for bulk linking of all the documents in a transmittal to their electronic images.

When the save is executed, optionally, the attachment will be moved from its current directory to a nominated one.

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