Name the Session (Issue Matrix)
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Select a Session (Issue Matrix), or create one and name it.

Each session consists of a matrix defining the people and the documents which they are to receive.

This matrix is given a reference and a description so that it can be used again when documents have been changed or revised. The matrix can update itself automatically to the latest revisions, status etc.
Select the Recipients
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Select the Recipients.

One side of the matrix defines the people who are to receive documents. This can filled automatatically by use rules such as "job list".

For each person, the reason for issue is specified, the number of copies to be issued, and whether verification of receipt is required. Documents may be issued "For Advice" - often called "Transmittal only".

When a reason for issue is defined, a text message can be associated with it which will be printed on the transmittal.

If the document is required back, then the "Comments Required" flag must be set for that issue reason.
Select the Documents
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Select the Documents.

The other side of the matrix defines the documents which are to be issued.

Again this can be automated by choosing a "Group of documents" or a range of documents such as "Unissued A3 Electrical Drawings" for example.

The media of issue of each document must be defined. Records of the media previously used for each type and size of document are kept, are reused automatically.

Documents without a defined media type are indicated. TDOC determines whether a document is being returned, and indicates which documents do not have a status.
Adjust the matrix
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Adjust the matrix if required.

The details of the matrix may be adjusted to suit (which is why the structure of the matrix can be saved.)

Rules allow documents previously issued to be set to "Dont Issue", and "Set To Advice if..."

The revision of the document, the reason for its issue to each person, "Issue", "Dont Issue", or "For Advice", the media of issue, and the number of copies can all be adjusted for each document for each person.
Generate Transmittal Documents and Despatch
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Generate Transmittal documents and despatch.

The last step is to create the transmittal documents. TDOC assesses which documents are necessary from the Transmittal (always), Acknowledgement, & Comment Note. Options allow selective generation of other documents.

When these have been generated and, if in an electronic mode [Email or FTP], despatched, then the record of the issue may be saved.

Other documents include Labels, Print Order (for reprographics) which may be sent by email or FTP, File Copy, Copied To sheet, and a User (definable) Note for use for such purposes as an Architects Instruction.

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