Comment Sheet - Returned Documents
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Select the transmittal with documents being returned.

All the outstanding transmittals are listed on the left hand side of the screen. When the required transmittal note is highlighted all the documents still to be returned are listed.

The browse allows sequential searching of the Jobno, the Recipient, and Transmittal No. In the User Actions module only transmittals issued to the user are shown.

The use of the comment sheet means that the document controller does not have to carry out any registration activities, just enter the results of the review.

If an electronic copy of the document is attached it may be viewed and or marked up.

Enter the status and comment for each document.

For each document, the reviewer's comment and status may be entered. A single comment and status can be applied to all the documents being returned. Additionally when other people's documents are being returned to you, you may adopt their status and comment as your own saving the need to enter this information separately.

Filters may be set to control the information displayed, and reports may be generated

Note: Comment Sheet Returns can also be logged in the by recipients using the User Actions module as long as the transmittal has been issued to the user.

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