Select Revision of Document to Edit
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Select a Revision of a Document to Edit.

If a document or a revision is to be edited or a new revision created, the document must be selected from the browse.

The browse can be set to show just a specific job and only the latest revisions (the default).
Register or Edit document
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Edit, or Create a new Revision or Document.

The details of the document must be entered including its number, project reference (if any), title, type and normal (printed paper) size, and where the master is stored - e.g. on a CAD System.

Details of the revision must be given including its reference, date of revision, a description, and where the record copy is kept. If an electronic copy exists, the the filename may be dropped and saved, allowing the document to be viewed.

When a document is created, it may be based on an existing document so saving time for entering details of similar documents (sheet x of xx for example).

The electronic version of the [master] document may be attached as well as the electronic version of each revision in non editable format such as PDF.
Allocate Groups to Document
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Allocate Groups to Document.

Once a document exists, Groups may be allocated to it.

Groups may similarly be allocated to Other Peoples documents.
Allocate Keywords to Document and or Revision
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Allocate Keywords to Document and or Revision.

Keywords may be attached to a document or a revision of a document. The same keyword may NOT be allocated to both a document and any of its revisions.

Keywords may similarly be attached to Other Peoples documents.

When the words included in the document's title, revisions, or comments are shown, a word may be selected and added to the keyword dictionary.

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