Select Document to Edit
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Select Revision of Document to Edit.

The Revision of the document to be edited is selected.

The allocation of the document to groups can be changed as well as the keyword which are attached to it - similar to editing ones own documents and revisions.
Edit Document and Revision Detail
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Edit Document and Revision Detail.

Not only can details of the document and revision be edited, but also information relating to how and why it was received etc.

The coordinated or system status and comments can be added or edited.

If the revision of the document is available in an electronic format and attachmed, it may be marked up.
Set System Status to revision
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Set System Status for the Revision.

The TDOC System Status and Coordinated Comment are the information that is returned to the document originator together with the marked up document.

The document itself inherits the status of the last revision to have a status. TDOC handles documents where the latest revision does NOT yet have a status.
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