Review List of Documents
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Browse Documents to Review.

The browse shows the latest revision, if its an electronic version is available, and latest system status.

The content displayed may be filtered to reduce the number of documents displayed using the context menu. A specific "Additional Filter" screen allows the definition of several criteria which can only be described as creating an extremely complex filter.

A list of the documents meeting the selected criteria can be printed.
Set Filter

Results after Applying Filter
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Set & Apply Filters as needed.

The filter definition screen allows searching the document titles, revision descriptions, and any associated comments received or made, as well as other recorded information.

Once the filter is applied, the information displayed is much reduced - as in the example here which shows just one document. The browse indicates the filtering selected from the menu of options.

See Document Details, and View Revision
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View Document Details.

Once a document has been selected, double clicking shows the document, and each revision with its movement information.

Once the details of a document and its revisons are displayed, a revision may be selected. The revision of the document can then be viewed or markd up.

If required a detailed report on the document can be generated and emailed.
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