Specify the Report
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Specify the Report
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Specify the Report
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Specify the Report's criteria.

There are two types of report - those for document control (e.g. expediting operations), metrics, and those relating to document and data management.

Most document control reports allow differing amounts of information to be generated, e.g. Document only, Document and Revisions, Document Revisions and all its Movements.

The available reports are:
  • Document Control
    • Others Document Register (Specification illustrated here)
    • Returns of Others for Returns (Specification illustrated here)
    • Own Documents
    • Issues by Recipient (Specification illustrated here)
    • Issues by Document
    • Matrix (of Documents and Recipients)
  • Metrics
    • Technical Documents Metrics
    • Status Metrics
  • Data Management
    • Linked Documents
    • Incoming No List

On most document control report specification screens, a "Count" facility exists. This enables document controllers to assess the scale of expediting required.

Generate the Report
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Generate the Report.

Once the report has been specified it may be generated and printed, or viewed, or exported, or emailed. Generated reports are given a unique name which describes the report type and its time of generation.

Illustrated here is an amalgam of the three levels of information available on the "Others Document Register".

Note the Logo which can be attached when a JobNo is created or edited.
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