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Setup an SDRS Requirement

Supplier Document Requirement Scheduling is the process of defining for a group of documents
  • Who is to provide them and when the process starts,
  • What document control operations must be successfully processed.
In order for a requirement (for a group of documents to be provided) to be raised, a group must be exist. Documents may be allocated to the group at any time, and once allocated the status of a document may be analysed.

A group of documents may have more than one other's requirement raised on it, but only one own requirement. The history of changes to a requirement is kept. A Requirement specifies
  • who is to provide documents,
  • an estimate of how many are required,
  • a "value" for calculating progress.
Edit Requirement & Setup Events
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Setup Events
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Setup the SDRS Events

An event is simply a document control operation which can be executed or recorded, together with its result if applicable.

Events may also have properties which allow them to be overridden, and or to override other events.

The details of an existing requirement may be edited.

Details of the whole SDRS setup may be reviewed including:
  • The Requirement to provide documents,
  • The Events to be used to assess each document's status,
  • The Documents belonging to the group.
Review Results
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Review Results

For each event the results are shown for each document.

A report of the result may be generated.
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