The following are extracts from references that have been received from users over the years. The organisation and the name of the person supplying the reference are available on request.

From the Document Controller on a Major Power Station

Thanks for your response and insight into TDOC. I have been in document control for over 20 years and there is always an issue with DC software. As you are aware most companies see DC as a waste of time and money so no big budget is set aside for the DC software. Normally a group of managers or directors decide on a product like 'Livelink', 'Aconex', 'Docwise', 'Primavera', etc thinking that it is going take care of all their document control requirements. To date, these systems are still not able to provide the basic necessary functionality that is required.

For the last 13 years I worked for a very large company (which has now been bought out); we did mega projects all over the world. A few of the projects were joint ventures where we were forced to use the software mandated by their partners - like Aconex.

My previous employer never had its own DC software: the IT manager thought that Livelink would be able to do everything after they had paid many thousands for it and then the yearly licence fees. Livelink was just a glorified electronic storage repository!

The new company I have joined have no idea what DC is or what we is a requirement by their client. I am very happy with what I have seen, I just need to 'play' around a little so I can get familiar with the way you have set things up.
I will definitely stay in touch because I know that we are going to ask questions and pick your brain when I need to.  Thank you very much for helping me out so far!!

Note from TDOC: A year later and this three year project is going well.

From the Head of Document Control for the Warm Homes Scheme

As an administrator in a company the most important thing for me is to have a computer system that works and works well. The TDOC System was bespoked for our company and ihas now been in use with us for 2yrears. There are improvements continually being made. Richard ensures that TDOC is always working effectively and efficiently. His incomparable knowledge of the system is invaluable to me when I need problems fixed and changes made. He always works extremely quickly so that I never have to wait very long for a solution. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is extremely personable and approachable. He instills confidence due to his vast knowledge of the system and extremely diligent nature.

From the Construction Director of a major Irish contractor

"Before deciding on a document control system for the XXXX Group, there was a number of criteria that was important for our use. We are a fairly large contractor with a turnover in excess of £240m. We wanted to implement a system that closely resembled the methodology and formats used in Europe, good product support and be ISO9001 compliant. Our previous system was geared more towards the US way of doing things and very difficult to adapt to some of our unique project needs.

What was important to control on our sites was:

Through its' on-going development, TDOC satisfied all our needs and the support received was second to none. Up to date and controlled communication between all team players is vital to us in achieving our project objectives. No other document control system has matched the ease-of-use and accessible report structure compared to TDOC"

From the QA Manager of a Water Industry Design & Build Contractor

"We have been successfully using the TDOC System for document control - generating transmittal notes and reports. We extended our use of the TDOC System by purchasing additional licences. Should anyone seek a telephone reference please do not hesitate to contact us"

From the senior Document Controller for a major contractor

"TDOC keeps my boss happy"

From the Technical Director of a major Project Management firm

"We have been involved with TDOC since 1997 during which time the product has undergone considerable development. We have found the product to be robust, and capable of handling large volumes of data. We believe that TDOC is a very good package in a market of very few valid choices."

From the Systems Manager of a large firm of Consulting Engineers

"We have been using TDOC for many years, as a method of recording transmittal of technical documents for large scale construction projects.

During this time, we have found the use of TDOC invaluable as a reference source for the issue of documents to a considerable number of parties.

TDOC has reduced many potential problems in our operation and contributed to significant cost savings on the project.

Aside from the project, the quality of technical support that we have received has been both friendly and efficient. It is for these reasons that we have no hesitation in recommending TDOC to anyone else."

From the Project Manager of a major Building Contractor

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your help throughout the previous 12 months. Based on the high quality of the programme, and your superb after sales service, I have no reservations about recommending TDOC to other contractors"

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