Support is available as follows
Telephone +44 (0)141 237 8293 [Office Hours]
+44 (0)7770 460862 [Emergency 24 / 7]
On line Manuals
Recommended Additional Software For generating PDF output from within TDOC [Automatically used by TDOC once installed]
Bluebeam from Brighter Graphics For Markup of PDF documents attached to the TDOC Database. Bluebeam PDF Revu from Brighter Graphics
Database Engine
Advantage Database Server Since 1998, The TDOC System has used the Advantage Client Server Engine from iAnywhere (the merge of Sybase and Extended Systems).
Advantage is one of the most commonly used and reliable Database Engines available.

Advantage comes in two flavours:

  • For a small number of users (up to 3) with small amounts of data (typically up to 5,000 records per table), there is a free "Local Server"
  • For larger installations and projects, the "Client Server" is needed. This enables communications not only on LAN's but also over WAN's such as VPN's, or directly over the internet.

In the last decade TDOC has NEVER received a support call relating to it's operation. Installation and configuration takes only a few minutes (most of which is obtaining the activation code). And it can be moved from server to server within a few minutes. It is both ODBC and SQL compliant.

For more information, including a free trial please visit:

Hasp Licence Dongle The TDOC System can be licensed in two ways.
The two ways may be mixed, even for the same pc.
  • Concurrent licensing by HASP Dongle. Works over WAN's.
  • Per Seat Licence to a Storage Device (Disk, or Stick, etc)
Language, Principal Libraries, etc
Visual Objects Development Language Visual Objects Version 2.8 - SP2, Build 2830.
bBrowser Logo Data Browsing Library bBrowser3 which is fully embedded.
ReportPro Logo Report Library ReportPro2 which is fully embedded, with designer.
Developer News Groups "comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects". Accessible via Google.

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